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Meet the Insta360 One RS 4K Edition, an exceptional 360-degree camera that redefines the way you capture and relive moments. Compact and powerful, this camera boasts dual fisheye lenses that seamlessly merge to create stunning 4K video and 18MP photos. With incredible detail and vibrant colors, your memories come to life like never before. The One RS 4K Edition features advanced FlowState stabilization, ensuring ultra-smooth footage even during intense movement. Dive into immersive storytelling with the Insta360 app, offering editing tools, effects, and easy sharing. From dynamic time-lapses to cinematic pans, this camera lets you unleash your creativity and capture life from every angle.


  • Dual fisheye lenses for immersive 4K video and 18MP photos.
  • Advanced FlowState stabilization for buttery-smooth footage.
  • Compact design for effortless portability and usability.
  • Seamlessly edit, enhance, and share with the Insta360 app.
  • Versatile shooting modes including time-lapses and slow motion.
  • Automatic AI editing for quick and impressive results.
  • Real-time preview for accurate shot composition.
  • Extended battery life for capturing more content.
  • Compatible with a range of accessories for expanded creativity.
  • Elevate storytelling by recording in immersive 360 degrees.

Q: What resolution does the Insta360 One RS 4K Edition capture? The camera captures stunning 4K video and 18MP photos, ensuring high-quality visuals.

Q: How does the FlowState stabilization technology work? FlowState stabilization guarantees your footage remains smooth and steady, even during dynamic movements.

Q: Is the camera easy to carry around? Yes, the Insta360 One RS 4K Edition features a compact design that makes it effortless to carry and use.

Q: Which app should I use for editing and sharing my content? The Insta360 app is your go-to tool for editing, enhancing, and sharing your content, complete with creative effects.

Q: What shooting modes are available? The camera offers versatile shooting modes, including time-lapses and slow motion, allowing you to capture diverse creative shots.