Rode Streamer X Audio Interface and Video Capture Card



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  • Audio Interface:
    • Inputs: Versatile inputs for microphones and instruments
    • Preamps: Built-in amplification for clear audio signals
    • Compatibility: Works with various microphone types
    • Monitoring: Real-time audio monitoring with minimal delay
    • Gain Control: Adjustable input volume for precision
    • Software Integration: Works smoothly with recording/editing software
  • Video Capture Card:
    • Source Inputs: HDMI and other video options
    • Resolutions: Supports different video qualities and frame rates
    • Integration: Seamlessly works with streaming software
    • Encoding: Onboard hardware encoding for smooth streaming
    • Settings: Customizable video quality and streaming settings
  • Integrated Features:
    • Sync: Simultaneous audio and video capture
    • Control: Unified software control panel
    • Portability: Compact and easy to carry
    • Connectivity: Simple setup via USB/Thunderbolt
    • OS Compatibility: Works with Windows and macOS
    • Target Users: Ideal for content creators, streamers, podcasters