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IT INNOVATION INC has been working for many years with a strong commitment to providing the best networking routers and switches online. With a track record of reliability, performance, and value, IT INNOVATION INC, has chosen a range of devices to satisfy every user’s networking requirements. Our great group of employees cooperates to make sure you get the best products for your system needs.

We always work to meet the demands of our clients for a variety of well-known brands. Due to this, we are now one of the well-developed international Online and Value Added Resellers.

We Have Your Back!

From start to completion, we are ready to help with advice, testing, labeling, and delivery packaging. Now adding the best routers and switches to your network is simple with us!

We Sells Best Network Switches and Routers

Our knowledgeable IT staff thoroughly configures and carefully tests each of our network switches and routers. So, all of our items also come with a warranty for your piece of mind. Moreover, our mission is that the business must invest resources in designing and putting into place improvements that make these items dependable, usable, and accessible to consumers. So, If you have any queries regarding our products, get in contact with our helpful staff of IT professionals. We will be happy to help you.


With shipping to all locations, we offer you the highest quality and original items under one roof. We are selling different types of switches and routers including enterprise Fortigate Firewall switches, Juniper Switches, and Cisco Router components. Customers all around UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Germany, Malaysia and other countries have come to trust IT INNOVATION INC. Services’ office supplies. Also, we have a track record of success with Cisco, Juniper, and other brands of networking and communications hardware. You may purchase your goods without standing in queue by getting in touch with us online!


“IT Innovation is well-known for its highly reliable equipment used by major telecommunications companies. Now, they offer the same equipment at prices that all WISPs can afford. Highly recommended!”
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