Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell us what is wrong with the product before you send them back. We can fix most problems by giving you technical support, so you don't have to send your products back. You can send the devices back to us if they have problems that can't be fixed. We will fix them or give you a new one.
You can modify and change the shipping address, payment method, and more. Orders that haven't gone through the shipping process can be changed. So, you can modify your order by contacting us before starting shipping, otherwise, your modification will not be acceptable.
In your IT Innovation account, you can see a full list of all the orders you have made, including the shipping address, payment information, and items ordered. When we ship your package, the tracking number will be sent to your account. IT Innovation Inc will send you an email with a tracking number and links.
These are the most common things that cause the delivery to be late: Address is wrong or incomplete. If the courier driver fails to deliver the package to an address that is hard to find, they will not try again unless the customer provides the exact information he need.