Brand:  APC
Model:  APC SRT1500RMXLA
Condition:     New (Factory Sealed)
Manufacturer:     Warranty: 3 Year
Refund Policy:     30 Days Return & Refund


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The APC SRT1500RMXLA Smart-UPS SRT provides reliable and efficient power protection for critical equipment. With a capacity of 1500VA/1350W, it delivers consistent and clean power, safeguarding sensitive electronics from power disturbances. The rack-mountable design makes it suitable for data centers and server rooms where space optimization is crucial.

This UPS features double conversion online topology, ensuring seamless power delivery and protection against a wide range of utility voltage fluctuations. Its intuitive LCD interface provides real-time information and configuration options, enhancing user control. The SRT1500RMXLA is designed for high-density environments, offering scalable runtime options and the ability to add external battery packs for extended backup duration.


  • Capacity: 1500VA / 1350W
  • Topology: Double Conversion Online
  • Form Factor: Rack-Mountable
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Output Voltage: 120V
  • LCD Interface: Intuitive LCD for real-time status and configuration
  • Communication Ports: USB, Serial, SmartSlot for management options
  • Runtime: Scalable runtime options, expandable with external battery packs
  • Battery Management: Hot-swappable batteries for easy maintenance
  • Efficiency: High-efficiency operation for reduced energy consumption
  • Smart-UPS On-Line: Ensures continuous, high-quality power for connected equipment
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Maintains stable voltage levels during fluctuations
  • Network-Grade Surge Protection: Guards against damaging surges and spikes