Brand:     CISCO
Model:     Cisco GLC-2BX-D-I
Condition:     New (Factory Sealed)
Manufacturer:     Warranty: 3 Year
Refund Policy:     30 Days Return & Refund


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Description :

The Cisco GLC-2BX-D-I SFP is a bidirectional optical transceiver module designed to facilitate high-speed and reliable data transmission over a single strand of single-mode fiber. It is a part of Cisco’s SFP product line, offering a compact and hot-swappable solution for networking applications. For precise specifications, compatibility details, and installation instructions, it is advisable to consult the official Cisco documentation or contact Cisco’s customer support. The GLC-2BX-D-I SFP is commonly deployed in networking scenarios where bidirectional communication and single-mode fiber optics are essential, providing a reliable and efficient solution for data transmission.


  • Form Factor: Adhering to the SFP form factor, the GLC-2BX-D-I is hot-swappable, allowing for easy installation and replacement without disrupting network operations.
  • Data Rate: Supports Gigabit Ethernet data rates, delivering high-speed connectivity for efficient data transmission within the network.
  • Bidirectional Design: The “BX” designation indicates bidirectional communication, with “D-I” representing the module for connections going in the downstream (receiver) direction.
  • Single-Mode Fiber: Engineered for use with single-mode fiber optics, suitable for long-distance transmissions common in enterprise networks.
  • Connector Type: Equipped with an LC duplex connector, ensuring a standard and secure attachment to single-mode fiber optic cables.
  • Wavelengths: Operates on specific wavelengths, enabling bidirectional communication over the single fiber strand.