Dell High-End PowerEdge R710 Server 2x 2.93Ghz X5670 6C 144GB 6x 2TB

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Description :

The Dell PowerEdge R710 is a high-end, enterprise-class server renowned for its versatility, reliability, and performance capabilities. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of data centers and businesses with mission-critical workloads, the R710 is a powerhouse that excels in various applications, including virtualization, database management, and high-performance computing.

At the heart of the PowerEdge R710 are two Intel Xeon X5670 processors, each featuring 6 cores and a clock speed of 2.93GHz. This results in a total of 12 processor cores and 24 threads, providing substantial computing power for handling complex tasks efficiently. The server’s multi-core architecture is ideal for virtualization, allowing it to run multiple virtual machines simultaneously without compromising performance.

In terms of memory, the R710 is equipped with a massive 144GB of DDR3 RAM, ensuring ample memory resources for running memory-intensive applications and virtualized environments. This extensive memory capacity enables smooth multitasking and accommodates large datasets.

Storage options are equally impressive, with six 2TB SAS hard drives, totaling a remarkable 12TB of storage space. The server also includes built-in RAID support to enhance data protection and ensure high availability. It can be configured for various RAID levels to suit specific data redundancy and performance requirements.

Specifications :

  • Processors: 2 x Intel Xeon X5670 6-Core 2.93GHz CPUs
  • Memory: 144GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage: 6 x 2TB SAS HDDs (12TB total)
  • Built-in RAID support
  • Multiple PCIe slots for expansion
  • Remote management with iDRAC
  • Ideal for virtualization, database management, and
  • high-performance computing in enterprise environments.