Dell PowerEdge R230 Rack Server, Rail Kit, Windows 2016 STD OS, Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 Quad-Core 3.5GHz 8MB, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 8TB Storage, RAID, Single PSU

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Description :

The Dell PowerEdge R230 is a reliable and compact rack server designed to meet the demands of small to medium-sized businesses. This server bundle includes essential features and components, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution.

At the core of the PowerEdge R230 is the Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 Quad-Core processor, running at 3.5GHz with 8MB of cache. This powerful CPU provides the processing muscle needed to handle a variety of workloads, from general office tasks to more resource-intensive applications. With Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology, the server can efficiently multitask and improve overall performance.

With 32GB of DDR4 RAM, this server offers ample memory capacity to ensure smooth operation, even when running multiple applications simultaneously. Whether you’re running virtual machines, databases, or web services, the R230 can handle it with ease.

Storage is a critical aspect of any server, and this bundle includes 8TB of storage capacity. The inclusion of RAID technology enhances data protection and fault tolerance, ensuring that your critical data remains safe and accessible. The server also supports hot-swappable drives, simplifying maintenance and minimizing downtime.

Specifications :

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 Quad-Core 3.5GHz CPU
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM for multitasking capabilities
  • 8TB storage capacity with RAID support
  • Designed for standard 19-inch racks
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition included
  • Energy-efficient single PSU design
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses