Dell PowerEdge R630 Server with Rail Kit, 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2660 v3, 256GB DDR4, 7.68TB SSD, RAID

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Description :

The Dell PowerEdge R630 Server, bundled with a Rail Kit, is a high-performance computing solution designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and business environments. Featuring a powerful dual-processor configuration, massive memory capacity, and lightning-fast SSD storage, this server is built to excel in a variety of workloads, from virtualization and cloud computing to data analytics and enterprise applications.

At its core, the PowerEdge R630 is powered by two Intel Xeon E5-2660 v3 processors, each boasting 10 cores and 20 threads. This dual-processor setup provides an impressive total of 20 cores and 40 threads, enabling the server to handle parallel processing tasks efficiently. With a base clock speed of 2.6GHz and Turbo Boost technology, these processors deliver exceptional performance for compute-intensive workloads.

The server is equipped with a generous 256GB of DDR4 RAM, ensuring ample memory capacity for running multiple virtual machines or memory-intensive applications simultaneously. This extensive memory capacity helps improve overall system responsiveness and application performance.

Storage is a key highlight of the PowerEdge R630, thanks to its 7.68TB SSD (Solid State Drive) capacity. SSDs offer blazing-fast data access speeds, low latency, and enhanced reliability compared to traditional HDDs. This makes the server exceptionally well-suited for I/O-intensive workloads, such as database management and content delivery.

Specifications :

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660 v3 processors (20 cores, 40 threads)
  • 256GB DDR4 RAM for multitasking and memory-intensive applications
  • 7.68TB SSD (Solid State Drive) storage for fast and reliable data access
  • RAID support for data protection and availability
  • 1U rack-mounted form factor with Rail Kit for space-efficient deployment
  • Ideal for virtualization, data analytics, and I/O-intensive workloads
  • Suitable for data center environments with limited rack space
  • Dual-processor configuration for efficient parallel processing
  • Turbo Boost technology for enhanced performance