Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8 R WR

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The Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8 R WR is a small and lightweight prime lens that offers portability and versatility for Fujifilm X-series photographers. Its moderate wide-angle focal length and compact design make it a popular choice for street and everyday photography.

Key Features:

  1. 27mm Focal Length: With a 27mm focal length (41mm in full-frame equivalent), it is suitable for a variety of subjects, from street scenes to portraits.
  2. Bright f/2.8 Aperture: The lens features a wide f/2.8 aperture, providing good low-light performance and creative depth of field control.
  3. Compact and Lightweight: The lens is incredibly small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and suitable for travel and everyday use.
  4. Weather Resistance (WR): This lens is weather-sealed, making it resistant to dust and moisture, adding durability for outdoor shooting.
  5. High-Quality Optics: It features seven elements in five groups, including one aspherical element to reduce aberrations and ensure sharp, high-quality images.
  6. Fast and Silent Autofocus: The lens employs an internal focusing system with a stepping motor (AF) for quick, precise, and quiet autofocus performance.
  7. Digital Aperture Ring: The lens has an aperture ring that provides tactile control over aperture settings, allowing for more intuitive adjustments.
  8. Metal Lens Barrel: The lens barrel is constructed from metal, giving it a premium look and feel.
  9. 46mm Filter Thread: The lens accepts 46mm filters for added creative possibilities.
  10. Versatile Use: The moderate wide-angle focal length makes it suitable for street photography, everyday snapshots, and various other subjects.