Grandstream UCM6300A 0 FXO, 0 FXS, Audio Only IP PBX


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The Grandstream UCM6300A is an Audio-Only IP PBX designed for businesses seeking a robust communication solution without the need for traditional analog interfaces.

With a focus on audio communication, this IP PBX supports voice-centric applications, making it an ideal choice for scenarios where traditional telephony features are not a primary requirement. It provides reliable and scalable audio communication capabilities, catering to the needs of modern businesses that prioritize voice-based interactions.


  • Audio-Only IP PBX:
    • Tailored for audio-centric communication needs without FXO or FXS interfaces
  • Scalable System:
    • Offers scalability to adapt to varying business communication requirements
  • Voice Features:
    • Supports essential voice features for effective audio communication
  • UCM Series Compatibility:
    • Part of the UCM series, ensuring compatibility with other Grandstream UCM products
  • Easy Deployment:
    • User-friendly setup for straightforward deployment and configuration
  • Remote Management:
    • Allows remote management for convenient administration
  • Security Protocols:
    • Implements robust security protocols to protect communication integrity
  • Advanced Call Handling:
    • Provides advanced call handling features for efficient communication management
  • Compact Design:
    • Compact form factor for space-saving installation
  • High Reliability:
    • Engineered for high reliability to ensure uninterrupted audio communication
  • Compatibility with Grandstream IP Phones:
    • Seamlessly integrates with Grandstream IP phones for a complete communication solution
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): Specific dimensions not provided
  • Weight: Specific weight not provided