HPE Aruba J9150D

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Description :

The J9150D optical transceiver module is an essential component in modern high-performance networks. It serves as a crucial link between network switches, routers, and other networking equipment by converting electrical signals into optical signals for transmission over fiber optic cables. This module is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in data center and enterprise network environments.

With its small form-factor design, the J9150D is hot-swappable, meaning it can be replaced or installed without disrupting network operations. This feature is particularly valuable in mission-critical environments where network downtime is not an option.


  • Optical Transceiver Module for high-speed networking.
  • Converts electrical signals to optical signals for fiber optic transmission.
  • Hot-swappable design for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Supports various data rates, wavelengths, and transmission distances.
  • Compatible with HPE networking equipment.
  • Ideal for data center and enterprise network applications requiring reliable optical signal conversion and transmission.