Optoma EH412ST Short Throw 1080P HDR Professional Projector | Super Bright 4000 Lumens | Business Presentations, Classrooms, or Meeting Rooms | 15,000 hour lamp life | Speaker Built In | Portable


Brand:  Optoma
Model:  Optoma EH412ST
Condition:     New (Factory Sealed)
Manufacturer:     Warranty: 3 Year
Refund Policy:     30 Days Return & Refund


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Introducing the Optoma EH412ST Short Throw 1080P HDR Professional Projector – your perfect companion for business presentations, classrooms, and meeting rooms. Let’s explore its standout features:

  • Short Throw Brilliance: Impress your audience with a short throw design, minimizing shadows and maximizing space. Perfect for tight spaces and dynamic presentations.
  • 1080P HDR Clarity: Enjoy sharp and vibrant visuals in full high definition, ensuring that every detail shines through during your presentations.
  • Super Bright 4000 Lumens: Illuminate your content with a powerful 4000 lumens, making your presentations clear and visible even in well-lit environments.
  • Business-Ready Performance: Tailored for business settings, this projector is ideal for professional presentations, training sessions, and collaborative meetings.
  • Long Lamp Life: With an impressive lamp life of 15,000 hours, the EH412ST ensures reliable performance over extended periods, reducing maintenance hassles.
  • Built-In Speaker: No need for external audio setups – the built-in speaker delivers clear and audible sound, adding convenience to your presentations.
  • Portable Convenience: Take your presentations on the go with the EH412ST’s portable design. Set up easily in different locations and make every presentation a breeze.

Whether you’re in a boardroom, classroom, or meeting room, the Optoma EH412ST is designed to elevate your presentations with clarity, brightness, and convenience. Your go-to solution for professional and impactful meetings! 📊🎓